Job Vancancy at PHI Semesta Hotel – Semarang (Steward, Butcher, Cook Helper, Front Desk Agent, Bellboy, Operator Telephone, Waiter / Waitress)

PHI SEMESTA HOTEL, “UNIQUELY, COMFORT, EXPERIENCE”, is combination of ancient building with modern minimalis plus Sharia Management so that provide comfort, security and tranquility to every customer during stay at The Semesta Hotel and its different from other hotels. PHI SEMESTA HOTEL are looking for the qualified candidates to fill the position of : 
  1. CHIEF STEWARD (a, c, e, f, h) 
  2. STEWARD (a, c, g, h) 
  3. BUTCHER (a, d, f, h) 
  4. COOK HELPER (a, c, f, h) 
  5. FRONT DESK AGENT (a, c, f, g, h) 
  6. BELLBOY (a, d, f, g, h, i) 
  7. OPERATOR TELEPHONE (a, c, f, g, h) 
  8. WAITER / WAITRESS (a, b, c, f, g, h) 
Requirement :

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